What’s New for 2023 Tax Returns:

Updated January 2024

Tax Scams

There are a number of scams making the rounds in recent months and we have had more inquiries than ever from clients wondering whether certain emails or telephone calls were real or simply a scam. When in doubt use common sense (to help you calm down) and ask us. Do this before you divulge personal information by phone or email. We are aware that people can feel very skittish or even afraid when they hear from the CRA unexpectedly, and endeavor to reply to emails or phone calls about this type of issue as soon as possible. If CRA does contact you about your account – we suggest you direct them to speak with our office as your tax preparer.

Meanwhile, it’s a great idea to educate yourself. The CRA has a web page chock full of scary information about the various types of scams around. Read up!


More information from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre: