What’s New for 2022 Tax Returns:

Updated January 2023


The deadline for contributing to your own or a spousal RRSP, to use the contribution as a deduction on your 2022 tax return, is March 1st, 2023. Your allowable contribution limit for the year can be found on your 2021 Notice of Assessment, on the CRA website using the My Account service or by calling our office.

The 2022 maximum RRSP deduction is 18% of income earned in 2021 to a maximum of $29,210 plus any unused deduction room from prior years, less any pension adjustment amount on your 2021 T4 slip(s). Occasionally adjustments to a company pension plan can affect your RRSP limit. Such adjustments are reported on T10 or PAR slips. These slips are for information purposes only and are not filed with your tax return, but they can affect your RRSP deduction limit. Best to submit them to our office with your tax materials so that we can provide accurate amounts for RRSP contribution limits.

Contributions you make in the RRSP year (March 1 to March 1) may be used as deductions or carried forward to use in a future period. In some circumstances it may make sense to carry forward a deduction – it’s best to seek advice. Likewise, if you do not make contributions up to the maximum allowed, your deduction is not lost. The unused ‘contribution room’ will carry forward for your use in future years.

Please be sure to include in your 2022 filing all RRSP deduction receipts for contributions made between March 2nd, 2022, and March 1st, 2023. Even if you intend to carry over the contributions made in the first 60 days of 2023 you MUST report them on your 2022 return where we will indicate they are to be used later.