What’s New for 2020 Tax Returns:

Medical Expenses

In general, medical expenses are often overlooked. This is one area where taxpayers should be careful to keep receipts. Even if you have not kept all receipts, call the doctor /dentist/pharmacy/podiatrist/massage therapist/psychologist/optometrist (you get the idea) and request a receipt for the year. And don’t forget to tell us about any health insurance premiums you pay for outside of OHIP. If you have health benefits from your employer, find out if you are paying any of the cost by way of payroll deduction. These premiums too can be included as allowable expenses.

Allowable expenses include most things payable to a licensed professional. Expenses must be paid out of pocket, or, if you have insurance, claim the portion payable by you that insurance didn’t cover. Receipts are needed and must include the name and address of the practitioner, they must state the service provided, the cost and that it was paid. If you are providing insurance reports that show the total submitted and reimbursed – this is a good (and easy) way to keep track of how much you are paying out of pocket – ensure the insurance report provides enough detail. The report must show dates and the type of service.