Jerome Austin McNicholl — Artist of the Year

Born… Toronto Ontario, Canada.

I grew up in many parts of the city
. Attended many Catholic schools – we moved a lot. Began painting age 11 yrs – some art instruction in the schools (Thanks to Sister Florette) so I learned by copying / imitating – everyone from Norman Rockwell / Group of Seven, Vincent Van Gogh to El Greco.

Seriously studied Dance, age 15 / 16. Fred Astaire Studio – tap / Willy Bock Hansen dance studio – a mix of Javanese and contemporary dance.

Attended St Michaels Choir School – majored in piano / theory / Harmony, sang baritone in choirs for four years… wrote some very good papers in Religious studies, History and English but failed Chemistry and Latin and my fourth year.

Accepted into The Ontario College of Art  (on the basis of my talent) – left after the first year. I met and apprenticed to poet Margret Avison writing poetry and attending a legendary series of readings at Isaac’s Gallery on Bay St. meeting poets Milton Avery, Leonard Cohen, Raymond Souster and others also studied that year grade ten piano with Earl Moss – Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto… later in the late 80’s I supply – played piano for singer pianist Paul Drake in many Toronto Hotel Venues.

Returned to the Ontario College of Art received a four years / honor diploma in Fine Art / majoring in Stained Glass and Print making (did not receive the diploma as I had not a high school diploma).  However I was invited to teach with two of my instructors for one year Fredrick Hagen / Gustav Weisman.

From the mid sixties to mid seventies I spent considerable time in a ‘growth community’ struggling with my demons, developing listening skills / empathy for others and formulating new approaches to myself and my art work evolving a more abstract and systematic approach to painting, drawing and designing.
 In 1972 I made a life long commitment to myself as an artist – have not stopped since… many solo and group exhibitions / commissions in Canada and France.

In 1991 I began what was to be a twenty three year pilgrimage to France – lived there full time between 2000 / 06 – painting, exhibiting, teaching and growing-up. I explored many of the Romanesque (Art Roman) churches in the Poitou Charente, L’Auvergne and Bourgogne regions. An exhibition 1994 in Paris formulated some of those experiences.

I continue to teach, paint, exhibit, write, create books & music.


All paintings are for sale, all sales go directly to the artist. If you are interested in a piece, just let us know.