About Us

Our field of expertise includes guiding incorporated companies, sole proprietorships, artists, investors and property owners through the process of discovering creative solutions to what can be stressful accounting problems.

Meet Our Team

Zoe Klein

Zoe opened her first office in 1984 in the heart of Queen St West where many of her first clients were the artists and musicians who lived in the area. From Queen Street to Bay Street, where we are now located (since 2010) Zoe has been involved in the tax lives of her clients.

Beyond the office Zoe has delivered seminars geared to the specific interests of the members a number of different groups and associations including the Ontario Association of Art Galleries, The Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network, The Professional Association for Computer Training as well as the Toronto Romance Writers.

When not working, Zoe enjoys family life including long hikes with her son and being walked by her dog.

Priscilla Virgo

Priscilla joined our office in 2012 after spending 11 years working directly for a small business. When that business closed she found work at a larger corporation where she stayed for 3 years after which time she just knew she loved the world of independent small business and we are lucky to have found her.

Since joining our team Priscilla has enjoyed improving our office protocols and functions. She divides her time between administrative functions and bookkeeping, ensuring our clients are up to date. Priscilla is also the voice of reason and patience when speaking with CRA on behalf of our clients.

When not at work Priscilla can be found playing the piano and playing with her aptly named cat Kitty.

Josie Pickin

Josie is the newest member of our team and she joined us just in time for tax season. Clearly not afraid of a challenge!

Josie started her working life in the corporate world and after four years decided a change was in order and that she preferred the world of small business. She moved on and spent a few years with a small business in the health food sector that grew so successful it was well on it’s way to becoming a big business and Josie decided she needed a change again.

She may well have found her perfect comfort level at ZK & Co., working in a small business for other small businesses. We are thrilled to have her!

In her spare time Josie pines for a pet cat (who would NOT be named Kitty) and enjoys bookbinding and SciFi. Perfect for the world of accounting!